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INTUcoin : EASY SMART and SECURE Online web and Mobile Wallets anywhere anytime any device.

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INTU : An Effective Crypto Digital Currency

INTUCoin is the social currency that enriches people’s social lives and makes digital currency easy for the general public. intuCoin achieves this by integrating a digital currency platform seamlessly with all major social networks to make the process of sending and receiving money and rewarding for everyone. Digital currency has many security advantages since it is easier to steal cash than hack a digital wallet. Crypto trading robots offer a more secure cryptocurrency environment, reducing the risk of hacking and fraud. Bitcoin Profit is one such popular app that enables you to maximize your profits in a secure manner. Visit this page for detailed information about this bot. This trading bot employs an algorithm that forecasts future Bitcoin prices based on past price movements and current market occurrences. Instead of making trading judgments based on gut instinct or hasty trading decisions, you can save time by relying on the bot's artificial intelligence.

Why You Should Choose INTU ?

Digital Cash For Highly-Confidential Transactions


INTU is decentralized. The entire system is operated by a peer-to-peer network. Sending and receiving addresses are encrypted. Transfer funds without showing identity information of each user, it’s not visible on the blockchain.


INTU is truly fungible, thanks to built-in privacy features. Just like cash, all INTU are equal, changeable. It is extremely unlikely that coin will ever be blacklisted by any party due to its association in previous transactions.


Using the power of a distributed peer-to-peer node network. Every transaction on the network is cryptographically secured. Wallet files are encrypted with a passphrase to ensure they are useless if stolen.


An Automated learning Algorithm that allows the remaining pools to find blocks, even when they have a much smaller hash rate.


INTU is able to ensure that transactions are not only untraceable, but have an optional measure of ambiguity that ensures that transactions cannot easily be tied back to an individual user or computer.


Our Primary Goal with INTU is to keep the core block chain lean and Blazing fast. Through the use of our custom built smartBridge functionality we are able to offload non-essential functions to hundreds of side-nodes.

Don’t worry , We’ve got your preferred platform covered.

Download your wallet here.

The INTU Wallet is natively built for all major Operating Systems and wallet meets the top security

standards in the industry. INTU wallets need to be fully synced with network peers and download the full blockchain really fast then can use.


The INTU Wallet is natively built for all major Operating Systems and wallet meets the top security standards in the industry. INTU wallets need to be fully synced with network peers and download the full blockchain really fast then can use.

INTU wallets connect to fully synced network peers and download the full blockchain blazing fast

all INTU user should have access to your INTU wallet whenever and wherever you need it. That is why INTU working on mobile wallets for both Android and iOS. Check your balance, send & receive funds, scan QR code even on the go,market caps, exchanges, trade on Tradeogre,share to friends, etc !

INTU WEBwallets connect to fully synced network peers and download the full blockchain blazing fast all 

INTU user should have access to your INTU WEBwallet whenever and wherever you need it. Check your balance, send & receive funds ! 


INTU welcomes all CPU / GPU / Web / Mobile miners on official INTU Pools

Trade INTU on the Popular exchanges.

Roadmap : Development Path and Expansion 

Development roadmap are suggested by Owner and developers . Implementation timelines are not fixed and subjected to actual development resources.



INTUcoin’s new unique blockchain written and full Activation.



Complete ahead of schedule.
Testing and Launch



Get Listed on Exchange Record
CryptoNote  TX/sec, CLI, 
and GUI Web wallets 



Anti Asic hard Support on chain Launched  on block 84900 & Mobile Apps



Ver 1.3.000 Launched Strategic market expansion 



Website improvements, Digital Marketing Launched intuPUSH Service for push Marketing



Team growth, Push Marketing, Online store media and Promotional rewards to expand brand and social awarness



Use API for online payment fully implement of online payment on all clients of intuAD start QR Payment



Co branding with cross border payment gateways & more…


Current version: v1.3.0.00

INTUcoin – A Futuristic Source of Digital Cash INTUcoin cryptocurrency is for ad networks affiliates advertisers publisher b2b b2c online stores Have full control on your INTUcoin wallet EASY SMART and SECURE anywhere anytime anydevice. all parties can profit and save costs at the same time using INTUcoin be used in busines and social

INTUcoin is a product of , which is a SAAS provider for online Advertising agnecies (Ad Networks) Tracking Performance marketing Platform . In layman terms we provide software and infrastructure to cpa/cpm/cpc ad networks . already has several clients and is continuously growing at rapid rate. We recently started the development of for two achieving two goals :

  • To publish AD converversion data in the blockchain . in simpler words – data of which customer from which Geo-device is buying which online product banners , push advertisements and other media (this includes a lot more indepth data)
  • To make a crypto payment gateway for the online advertising industry
  • To create trading bots like the bitcoin code that claim to make money for users when the price of Bitcoin goes up or down.

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